“The Art of Teaching is the Art of Assisting Dicovery.” – Mark van Doren

My approach to teaching can be summarized with the above quote from Mark van Doren. I want to help students to discover. I identified to main objectives for my teaching. First, I want to empower students with the tools to pursue their own creativity. I work to equip students with tools they can use to discover, be it reading, writing, and presentation skills, critical thinking or statistical literacy. I want students to think of themselves as life-long learners and critical consumers of information. Second, I want to guide my students to a meaningful understanding of the course materials and how social science is relevant to their lives and interests in politics. To facilitate this, I first motivate students’ learning with big questions and relevant examples. Then, I help students to meet clear, attainable, yet challenging learning objectives by employing accessible examples, active learning strategies, and careful organization.

For a more in-depth understanding of my teaching philosophy, please check out my teaching philosophy tab.